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Michael, Thank you so much for making our cake for our wedding. I can’t even begin to...

The role that wedding cakes play at wedding receptions has changed somewhat over the years to the...

Michael, Amazing Cake!!!!!!!!! Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you ! I can’t begin to tell...

Do You Have Dietary Needs?

At Raindrop Desserts we are now able to do a gluten-free version of all our desserts, so we do not have a separate gluten-free menu. We have our own gluten-free flour formula, which has a rice flour base. We also have two cakes on our menu which are completely flourless, which makes them naturally gluten-free. These are the ever-popular Raindrop Rush shown above and the Almond/Hazelnut Dacquoise.

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We have been doing sugar-free desserts since 2003. At this time we are using Xylitol as our primary sweetener for these products, but we are always on the lookout for other sweeteners that have a low glycemic index and that also work well in baking. With a few exceptions, we can do a sugar-free version of most of our products. Just ask!

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We have developed a wonderful vegan cake recipe that we can do in a few flavors. We use a healthy vegan margarine, rather than shortening, and rice or soy milk. We make a killer vegan chocolate cake in addition to vanilla, lemon and almond cakes. The challenge with these cakes is having a nice texture and good structure. Our recipe accomplishes this without any eggs or egg substitutes. It is a nice, moist cake which have gotten good feedback, even from non-vegans!

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Allergies to certain ingredients, especially nuts, are a common concern in baked goods. This is especially true in wedding cakes when the cake will be served to a large number of guests. While Raindrop Desserts is not a nut, wheat, or dairy-free bakery, we can do a lot to a to avoid cross-contamination. This includes thorough cleaning of equipment and work surfaces prior to working on an allergen-free project. Even working in another room of the kitchen if necessary. While we cannot guarantee that any product is free of these allergens, we want you to know that we take the extra steps necessary to avoid them.

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Customer Testimonials

  • I can’t even begin to tell you what an amazing response we got from that cake. Everyone thought it was absolutely perfect. I heard numerous times it was the best cake they ever had.

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    Cami McNabb
  • Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

    I can’t begin to tell you what a show stopper your cake was…it almost out shined the Bride….I said Almost. *:D big grin

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    Kristi Short/Lopez
  • Best Buttercream Frosting ever, and the Banana Cream Pie was a huge hit. Thank you so much!

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    Julie Bennick