Please note there may be a small additional fee for these options.

Gluten Free

Raindrop Desserts is able to make gluten-free versions of most of our cakes. Our other menu sections list which items are available as gluten-free. We use a gluten-free rice flour formula to accomplish this. Two of our cakes (the Raindrop Rush and the Almond/Hazelnut Dacquoise) are flourless cakes.

Sugar Free

Raindrop has been baking sugar-free desserts since opening in 2003. We use Xylitol as our primary sweetener in our sugar-free desserts, which allows us to make most or our menu items sugar-free without sacrificing the taste. Want your favorite dessert sugar free? Just ask!


Our vegan cake recipe has been developed over the last decade using a vegan margarine and rice or soy milk for the batter. Our killer vegan cakes are available in chocolate, vanilla, lemon, and almond. The cake is moist and light enough that non-vegans have praised it!

Nut Allergies

Nut allergies are a real concern for some people and we take them seriously here at Raindrop.  Most of our desserts can be done nut-free.  There are a couple that, to remove the nuts, would change the character of the cake too much to be considered the same desserts.  We use primarily pecans, almonds and a small amount of hazelnuts in our bakery.

Other Allergies

When we take on an allergy free cake, we take great care to create an allergy-free environment before we start projects. Every piece of equipment and work surface is cleaned to avoid cross-contamination, and working in another room of the kitchen if necessary.

While we cannot guarantee that any product we make is free of these allergens, we do make every step possible to avoid them.